Land Development project examples.

Skyridge image

Project: Skyridge Residential

Client: Standard Pacific Homes, Inc. and Keeton Kreitzer Consulting

Location: Mission Viejo, CA

DUKE CRM has been contracted to perform a Phase II test excavation program at two prehistoric archaeological sites: CA-ORA-507 & 641. The work includes background research, a research design/work plan, archaeological excavation, laboratory analysis, Native American consultation, and preparing a detailed technical report. The report will be reviewed by the City of Mission Viejo, Army Corps of Engineers, and SHPO.

McSweeny Farms image

Project: McSweeny Farms Specific Plan

Client: SunCal

Location: Hemet

Mr. Duke directed all cultural resources efforts for the McSweeny Farms project. He conducted third-party review of prior Phase I archaeological survey and extended Phase I survey. His team conducted Phase II and geoarchaeological excavations at several sites throughout the project, one of which is a large, regional prehistoric village site. Mr. Duke worked with SunCal, the City of Hemet, the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), and local Indian Tribes to balance the needs of each party. In addition, his team provided archaeological and paleontological monitoring for the project. He worked with Tribal monitors to document important archaeological sites, while maintaining the overall project schedule.

McSweeny Farms image

Project: Majestic Hills Specific Plan

Client: SunCal

Location: Hesperia

The Majestic Hills Specific Plan project is located in the City of Hesperia in the high desert. Under Mr. Duke's direction a team of archaeologists conducted a records search, field survey, and prepared a technical report for the City. The team identified 32 cultural resources and determined that 11 of these resources are considered significant under CEQA. The team worked with the project applicant and design team to avoid or mitigate impacts to all of the significant cultural resources.

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